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Tell us what you need

Use our online order pad to tell us about your materials requirements or just upload a list. We're here for both trade and DIY and have a sophisticated platform to match the needs of both

we get you 3-5 quotes from suppliers near your site

We have over 250 trusted, high quality suppliers in 1,500 locations across Australia. Our suppliers have products that suit the smallest DIY job up to large scale commercial developments

You accept the winning quote

There's no obligation but if you like a quote, we let you choose the supplier you want and seamlessly complete your order online or over the phone

Get it on site, on time and on budget

You'll receive your materials on the date you requested them at the agreed time. You will have access to the supplier's standard warranties and you will be transacting directly with the supplier


What's your turnaround time?

For jobs with delivery dates within 3 days, we'll aim to get you quotes on the same business day you submit your request. Quote requests outside of business hours will be processed the next business day. For jobs with a longer lead time we'll typically get you quotes within 2-3 business days of you submitting your request. 

How competitive are your quotes?

When we get you quotes we will contact the major suppliers near your site. This means you're receiving quotes from a large cross section of the market. Our market testing suggests that for a given quantity or volume our best quote in any order will be very competitive. This is borne out in the statistics: on average our customers save 21% on their orders relative to the most expensive supplier in any set of quotes. 

Who are your typical customers?

The majority of our customers are builders and trades involved in residential and commercial construction. We also have a significant number of DIY customers. We are able to offer competitive prices on materials for everything from laying a domestic driveway to building a 10 storey apartment complex.

What's it cost?

When we send you quotes they are all inclusive and there are no additional charges other than a payment processing fee for some credit card transactions. If during the course of your order you require additional materials or services (e.g. additional waiting time for a concrete order) the supplier in question may charge you an additional fee. 

How does the legal stuff work?

You will transact directly with the supplier whose quote you accept (e.g. Boral, Onesteel). Your contract will be governed by that supplier's standard terms and conditions. This means that you retain the protections of any warranties offered by a supplier. Your use of MaterialsLink's services are governed by our Customer Terms and Supplier Terms.

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