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Quarry products

MaterialsLink provides quotes for a large range of aggregate and quarry products for applications including:

  1. Road base

  2. Landscaping sand and aggregate

  3. Concrete aggregate

  4. Rubble / access tracks

  5. Pipe bedding

  6. Filter sand

  7. Brick sand / products for bricklaying

  8. Concrete sand

  9. Tiling sand

Ordering tips


Given the significant weight and haulage requirements of quarry products, the key driver of cost variation between suppliers is often distance from the quarry site / wholesale holding point to your site. When you use MaterialsLink, we provide geo-location matching to suppliers in your area so that you get the best quality quotes. 

Safety requirements may affect your order

Safety considerations will affect how your quarry products are delivered (especially drop locations) and what type of truck / manpower is required to fulfil your job. Key considerations are:

  1. Level ground is important for safe unloading/tipping. Some trucks cannot tip uphill

  2. Most suppliers will require you to provide spotters to assist with unloading where the site is congested or there are overhead powerlines

  3. Spreading loads will usually require separate equipment as most suppliers won't reverse over tipped loads (back-spread) or drive with tippers raised due to safety concerns. Therefore, if you need your load spread out, make sure you've got a front-end loader or other suitable equipment on site on the date your quarry products are being delivered

  4. Unloading near ditches is against safe work regulations 

  5. Overhead powerlines and other obstructions can represent a significant hazard for tipper trucks, most suppliers won't unload within 3m of powerlines and will require a qualified spotter within 6.5m

  6. Larger trucks cost less per tonne but require more access (e.g. a small truck may be able to achieve a 13m turning circle vs. a semi-trailer which has a 22m turning circle)

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