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Reinforcing steel

Reinforced concrete is the preferred construction material of most architects, engineers and builders in Australia. Reinforcing adds strength to concrete and allows it to be used in a larger number of applications in a more flexible way.

Why reinforcing?

Steel reinforcing is highly cost effective and can be deployed quickly meaning you can get on with your build faster. 

Reinforcing also has excellent fire resistance properties and allows for significant design flexibility that could not be achieved using concrete alone. 

Finally, reinforcing steel requires minimum maintenace and has a longer useful life than concrete alone or timber footings.

Ordering reinforcing

For smaller jobs like driveways, garden paths and sheds, reinforcing needs can usually be easily fulfilled using stock products such as sheet mesh and straight bar, both of which can be ordered using the MaterialsLink ordering platform.

For more complicated jobs or jobs with challenging engineering designs, reinforcing suppliers will provide a customised estimation for your project. These estimations will include cut and bend products to provide for an optimally engineered solution. The MaterialsLink ordering platform allows your to easily get a quote and estimation by uploading your building plans. The final estimation you receive will involve an overlayed plan of the reinforcing required to safely complete your job.

Technical information

If you're an engineer or builder looking to understand your reinforcing requirements without using a supplier estimation service, the following guide may prove useful:

OneSteel reinforcing technical specifications

Other useful links

Steel Reinforcement Institute of Australia (SRIA) resources

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