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Introducing MaterialsLink

MaterialsLink is proud to launch as the first online, multi-supplier quoting and ordering platform for building materials in Australia.

We started MaterialsLink because we knew there was a better way of ordering building materials than spending the day ringing around looking for a supplier near your site offering reasonable prices. The big contractors put out tenders for sub-contractors so why can't sub-contractors easily get a range of quotes for their materials? With MaterialsLink, they can.

MaterialsLink offers a better way to build: a way to get the edge over your profitability that the big contractors have while leaving the time saving effort involved to our smart quoting system.

We're starting off with some core product categories: Ready-mix concrete; Reinforcing steel; Plasterboard; Steel & metals; Quarry products and Structural Timber. From there, we'll keep growing where there's demand so drop us an email to tell us what you'd like and we'll see what we can do.

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