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When Should I Order Concrete?

Here at MaterialsLink, we'll always go the extra mile to fulfil your order be it day or night. But while we have the largest network of concrete suppliers in Australia, there are only so many trucks and so many concrete plants out there. This means that sometimes customers who leave it late miss out. So, when's the best time to place an order? Well in this blog post, we explore just that.

What's the right time of day for me to pour?

While concrete can safely be poured anytime of day, greater precautionary measures are required when pouring in hot, windy and dry conditions to ensure the workability, structural integrity and strength of the concrete (we'll cover some tips for this in a future post).

Because of these factors, ideally, concrete should be poured in the early morning before temperatures rise, humidity drops and the wind picks up. Pouring in the early morning also allows those pouring large jobs to get going so that they have enough time to pour all the loads required and perform finishing work.

This means that the earlier time slots (from 6am-10am) are often very popular with builders and concreters and get booked up early.

So, when should I place an order for ready-mix concrete?

While we can normally get you booked in even on the same day you require the concrete, booking early means you're more likely to get the timeslot you want. Remember: if it's wet on the day you're booked in your can reschedule to another day free of charge.

If you want to pour first thing in the morning, we recommend you look to book in your job a week in advance which will usually guarantee you a 6am slot. All jobs for weekends should be scheduled at least a week in advance as this is a short day for suppliers (6am-midday) and there are a large number of DIY orders competing with trade customers.

Booking in early also ensures you can use the best value for money supplier rather than having to resort to a more expensive supplier who is available at the time you want.

Happy pouring!



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